Grades are recorded on the following scales:
A    93-100       Excellent
B    85-92         Good
C    75-84         Fair
D    70-74         Inferior
F    Below 69     Failure

Students grades will be averaged by both the alpha (4-point scale) and numerical scale. The numerical average will be used to determine class rank. The alpha average will be used to determine the type of diploma awarded. Grade averages will be to the hundredth. Beginning with the class of 2004, a student must take the highest level of courses offered (AP, Dual Enrollment, Academic Honors) to be eligible for valedictorian status. The valedictorian must earn the highest numerical average rounded to the nearest hundredth. Valedictorians in classes prior to 2004 must have the highest numerical average or all A's. In addition, these students must complete 4 years of academic honors English and 4 years of upper level math. Repeat Course- Beginning With the Graduating Class of 2004- For determining valedictorian only 9th grade students may repeat a course to improve their grade point average. The highest grade earned in a course which has been repeated will be used in determining a students grade point average and class rank for all other purposes other than determining valedictorian.